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Please read the information below before applying for membership. Thank you.

T h e  G o o d    O m e n s    L e x i c o n
This is a community dedicated to constructing a lexicon for the book Good Omens by N. Gaiman and T. Pratchett.

lex·i·con n.
   1. A dictionary.
   2. A stock of terms used in a particular profession, subject, or style; a vocabulary: the lexicon of surrealist art.
J o i n i n g
To become a member of this group please refer to this post. Comment with what you would be interested in contributing to the Lexicon and with your basic contact information. Your application will not be accepted until you have done this!
N o t e    O n    M e m b e r s h i p
This community is intended for discussion of the work involved in building the Lexicon. All membership requests must be approved by the moderators, and all posts are friends-only by default. Please do not join just to lurk.
R u l e s  :  L J  C o m m u n i t y
1. Don't join if you don't intend to contribute. If you just want to use the Lexicon, visit the website. There's nothing exciting to see here.

2. Having said that; no contribution is too small! The bulk of the work will be in the initial writing of the articles, but no one is perfect and so we need people to add tiny details that we may have missed.

3. Post to the contact and tasks post once you have been accepted, and make sure the information on both of those is up-to-date. Things will go much more smoothly if all the members are able to contact each other.

4. All posts to the community are automatically friends-locked. This is mostly to keep all the administrative stuff away from everyone other than those who need to see it.
R u l e s  :  A r t i c l e s
1. All articles must be posted to the community first. This is so that members can look over them for spelling and grammar errors. It's near impossible to spot every mistake in your own work, so this will be more helpful than you might think!

2. Don't be afraid to submit changes/additions to articles! Just because someone else wrote the article on Crowley's houseplants before you doesn't mean you can't add something that Aziraphale said about them. Comment to the relevant post in the community, or e-mail either the article's original creator or the webmaster.

3. Once you've claimed an article topic, it's yours to write, and yours alone. Other people can add information, but only after you have posted the article on the community or the website. However, if someone claims an article topic, and within a month hasn't posted either the entire article or a snippet and how it is progressing, that article topic will then be free game for someone else to claim.

4. You may only claim one article topic at a time, by commenting to this post. When you have completed an article, and submitted it either to the community or to the website, you may claim another topic.

5. By submitting an article to the project, you agree that you will not post it outside this community until it is publicly available on the Good Omens Lexicon website. Once it is public, you may do as you wish with it.

Guidelines for article format are here.
R u l e s  :  I l l u s t r a t i o n s
1. The same rules apply to art as articles, more or less. One claim at a time, post your progress once a month, post to the community for feedback. The only difference is that several artists can work on the same claim at once, but not exactly the same--i.e. Artist A can be working on a headshot of Crowley and Artist B can be working on a full body shot of Crowley simultaneously. Art claims can be made here.

2. Don't be afraid to give constructive criticism on art! You don't have to be an artist to be able to spot errors in other people's illustrations. Comment to the relevant post in the community, or e-mail the illustrator.

3. The limit on art pieces per article is two. However, if you'd like to draw something for an article that already has two art pieces, post to the community about it and we'll discuss it.

4. By submitting an illustration to the project, you agree that you will not post it outside this community until it is publicly available on the Good Omens Lexicon website. Once it is public, you may do as you wish with it.

5. The moderators reserve the right to reject art that does not follow the guidelines and/or art that we feel does not suit the spirit of the Lexicon. This may sound elitist, but all we mean by this is no fanon and nothing above PG-13 for violence/G for relationships. See the separate illustration guidelines post for more information.

Guidelines for illustration format are here.

Note: Art contributions are currently accepted by invitation only. However, if you are an artist and would like to do illustration work for the Lexicon, send us a link to a few samples of your work (not necessarily Good Omens-related) at goodomenslexicon [at] gmail [dot] com, and the moderators will review it.
M o s t    I m p o r t a n t l y
Play nice! If someone has written an article that contains something you don't agree with, or if the information is wrong, or anything like that: let them know, but do it politely. We're all here because we love the book and want to help each other out with information about it. Please try to keep that in mind.
C r e d i t
Respectful tips of our hats to the HP Lexicon, the site that started it all, and to the hp_art_project, whose organisational skills we greatly admire and are very inspired by.